‘Until man enters the building, climbs steps, and takes possession of the space in a ‘human adventure’ which develops over time, architecture does not exist.’ Lina Bo Bardi

Being urban means community, conflicts, a sense of belonging… sociology, culture politics, everything that involves complexity. Responding to any of these subjects, a building and its Interior can impose ideology, attempting to solve issues, but it is the fundamental qualities of how humans possess, respond, and interact with a space physically and emotionally that give us the architectural attitude. One important decision is whether and when the physical fabric of architecture steps back to allow life to take place. Façade can also project the desires and dreams of life and activities the building contains into its urban context. Such as the art canvas hanging façade shown on the right by Tom Kay.

‘Interior Urbanism’ asks you to explore the boundaries of domestic and public, landscape and architecture, interior and exterior, to embrace the grey areas, and to accommodate urban scenery.

'I always felt that night doesn’t fall, night rises.’ James Turrell

‘Interior Urbanism’ also asks you to explore the possibilities of bringing unexpected elements into play, be bold, creative, and provocative about the interior functions your project can host and its urban identity. Induce urban happenings by finding connections with the fundamental disposition of the collective human nature.

Jee Liu