Revathy Raveendranath

The Wellness Place

My thesis project is called the Wellness Place and it is located in Lowestoft. The site is the Former Lowestoft Post office. Lowestoft has a long-standing relationship with Ceramics that has carried on throughout the years. There are a considerable number of ceramic artists in the town, with a few of them being located in close proximity to the site. The project would offer them an opportunity to get together and offer to teach their craft to the locals of Lowestoft. A lot of people have taken to pottery to reduce stress and overcome anxiety. The project would be a space that would encourage people to meet by creating things together, while also gaining mental health benefits. The main concept in the project was to create an engaging, open and inviting space. It would be a rooted to the ground project with the interests of the community at its core made using local materials and local craftmanship. The main material used in the project would be Suffolk brick that is a locally sourced easily available material. The multi-level kiln would be the heart of the project and spaces for the community like cooking spaces for both adults and children, the community fireplace, public dining spaces and pottery workshops would surround the kiln. All activities around the kiln would be based around the element of fire. Vegetable beds would also be spread throughout the building depending on the plants’ requirement of sun and shade. The vegetables produced here would be used in the cooking studios. The entire building would also function as a ceramic archive and form a community craft library for the town. There would also be a space for local pop-up markets that would provide an opportunity for locals to sell different produce during different days of the week.

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