Tania Lopez Winkler
Year One Leader

The first year supports a foundational approach to the study of the interior providing a structure to experiment and explore creative ideas through different briefs developed in close collaboration with year two platforms. Under the underlying question of re-use year one identifies and explores three strategies employed in the re-working existing buildings: Intervention, Insertion and Installation.

For each interior strategy we work with different briefs informed by the agenda of year two platform pairings Matter & Detail, Process & Nonterior, Re-use & Urbanism and Display & Futures.

At the mid-point of the year the School-wide ‘Work In-Progress’ exhibition provides an opportunity to share the programme’s activities with the rest of the College and is used to show the college what the programme is undertaking.

All of year one is underpinned by Media Studies which forms part of the MA Architecture, City Design, Environmental Architecture and Interior Design Programmes.The unit examines how the analysis and use of media can help develop our critical understanding of spatial design. Students utilise a vast range of media and conceptual approaches – including photography, filmmaking, sculpture, graphic design, photogrammetry, performance and product design and fabrication – to explore and develop their work, alongside this menu, a weekly series of lectures, talks, seminars that underpin the current project being undertaken with key ideas, texts, theories and discussions.

A year long dissertation is undertaken in the CHS module.

Visiting Critics and Guest Speakers:

Sophie Ashby
Kevin Brennan
Tom Broughton
Ian Chalk
Lisl Du Toit
Lassla Esquivel
Jym Eyre
João Guarantani
Simon Hamilton
Peter Higgins
Nick Hill
Jake Moulson
Jonathan Tuckey
Ralf Waterfield

Tutors -

Students -

Jesper Authen

Yuqing Bao

Evgeniya Beruchashvili

An Cong

Xingyu Chen

Yaowei Chen

Jiaxin Chen

Panhuili Cheng

Stephanie Cheung

Jiahui Chu

Qing Duan

Alexandra Ellerkamp

Jiayan Fu

Carmen Garcia-Pitarch Lopez

Georgia de Grey

Haomin Gu

Xinrui Inrui Li

Zhan Jin

Daun Jung

Yuliang Kang

Ruby Kinnear-Jones

Edanur Köşeli

YuJin Lee

Yifan Li

Zimeng Lin

Yibin Ma

Zijing Mei

Phoebe Mendel

Lucy Nurnberg

Alice Penner

Xiaoqiu Qi

Cooper Robinson

Mauricio Salgado Arenas

Subin Seol

Haoyang Sun

Yue Sun

Tongshan Tang

Tessa Verity

Xinyue Wang

Yuan Wang

Zuohui Wen

Kejie Weng

Yujia Wu

Lingzhi Xu

Xin Yan

Yuzheng Zhang

Tianheng Zhao

Jie Zheng

Lin Man Zhuo Chen

Shicheng Zhou

Xinyuan Zhou

Yutong Zou