Jenny Jones

This platform is concerned with how the design of our environments can create the conditions for wellbeing.

Looking ahead to a time when wellbeing is held in policy, when circular economy is usual practice, when tabula rasa is rare, when the flow between the visceral and the virtual has found its calibration, when cognitive consultants are on the design team and pre-evidence is open source allowing human centered design to be informed by both intuition and citation. How different would our design choices be, the choice of materials, the spaces between, and the programming within, when considered consciously and with the intention to encourage us to flourish? Could our interiors passively or actively heal us?

The PERMA-space is an interior environment tuned to offer the conditions for wellbeing. Curious about finding resonant intersections to manifest purpose-performing interiors and to stimulate a discussion about what the future of the design of the interior could be, each platformer has developed their own brief and chosen a site in Clerkenwell. For some, tomorrow is the future and for some the dial is set further ahead, for all of us the proposals imagined for our futures became the present we desire to manifest now.

Friends and Partners

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