Jenny Jones

The companies never fully returned to the office towers. What could the future occupation(s) of these mono-programmed urban spaces be if considered through a post-COVID-19 and PERMAspace lens?

The Futures Platform proposes interior environments that are programmed to create the conditions for wellbeing. The site for intervention is 5 St Pancras Square in Kings Cross, London.

Processing with human-centric and science-informed design principles; from environmental enrichment, to the psychoevolutionary, to biophilia, to “healthy” materials, to economics, to proxemics…the design of the interior is seen here as an outcome of systems thinking and as a medium of activism for intended users and future generations. To create an anchor, a checklist, a methodology, a sensibility, the platform uses PERMA (Martin Seligman) to frame the inquiry into elements and intersections necessary to create a meaningful and purposeful spatial activation.

Thank you to Camden Council Organisation Development Team and to Jake Heitland and Rachel Edwards, The Loneliness Lab