Heman Xia

Neverland of Manuscripts

The future, near and far.

People destroy the environment to develop the economy, use the economy to create technology, in the end the environment may be completely destroyed and technology completely replace human beings, is this really the future that human beings wish to see? In the constant quest for high technology, people seem to have forgotten the essence of human beings. 

In 2095, the sea level has risen by 3.5m and some of London has been submerged, people's use of space has had to start move on and underwater or to higher altitudes. In addition, papers and manuscripts of historical artefacts, which are customarily kept in the basements of museums, will be put to a great test by being submerged, torn apart and lost. 

Technology is flexible and precise; artefacts are materially romantic and wonderful. They are not supposed to replace each other, but to appreciate and heal and benefit each other.

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Video: https://youtu.be/iU8NYeaOFiw

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