Liangyue Tan

The Future Urban Garden

In 2070, global technology is highly developed, urban land is more and more scarce and values are too high for most. There are many high-rise buildings, flyways and AEV’s. However, people are eager to return to simplicity in the busy city and find pure land to feel nature.
How do we balance new technology, community and nature? How can we experience the beauty of nature in a limited urban space? How to make existing architecture and infrastructure beneficial to the environment and people?
To solve these problems, my intention is to design a new vertical urban garden, which is also a publicly open and environmentally friendly place for everyone to grow, eat, shop, store and socialize. Drones and AEV’s can be used for watering, sowing seeds, delivering and picking up goods. The project extracts the original building's characteristic elements and forms a new structure and volume that connects itself with its surroundings, combining rainwater collecting and canal irrigation technologies to create a sustainable space.

Insta: tan_gt999

Liangyue Tan portrait Liangyue Tan work image