Hanzhi Zhang

Reanimate I-car-us

"Behind the wheel-split clouds, is the sun which Icarus dreamed of for such a long time, is he going to find a new set of wings in this aerial vehicle terminal to help him fly towards it?"

This project is to design a terminal for future aerial vehicles. The purpose of taking Icarus as the protagonist is to rewrite a well-known tragedy into a comedy, and look at people's efforts to constantly pursue flying from a romantic perspective. The contrast of a mythic character in a future building is to strengthen people's impression in the interior, and the change of interior materials from old to new also reminds people of the process of the story. Starting from the ground level people will keep moving up, and will take the aerial vehicle after the preparation and waiting time. Finally, the image when people landed on the tower top safely, it indicates that Icarus has fulfilled his wish.

Insta: tdccc_z
Video: https://youtu.be/x8Q9YAuCGTk

Hanzhi Zhang portrait Hanzhi Zhang work image