Zhanwang Zhang

Fountain of youth

This project is an attempt to explore cinematic experience interior design could generate, and in terms of social happenings it would host. In the context of post office building in Lowestoft, it is a complex historical building filled with fascinating remnants of past objects, patina, grand spaces, curious rooms and interventions, that I developed a strong sense of connection with which I call it the “object affection”. 

I have then chosen a series of spaces that I fill with my cinematic imagination inspired by those objects. By playing with surface materials, transit the indoor and outdoor, confusing the sense of time, e.g. redesigned a garden that may or may not have existed at all. Visitors are encouraged to travel freely through the spaces, explore and build their own perceptions of the rooms and develop their own sense of affections. Narratives are suggestive, plots are flexible.


Insta: zhanwang_zhang

Zhanwang Zhang portrait Zhanwang Zhang work image