Zi Ye


This project aims to assist in the urban regeneration of lowestoft, the easternmost city in the UK, and focuses on the renovation and redevelopment of a long-abandoned old post office on the High Street. I have named the OPINION SQUARE.

In normal times it is a pleasant and beautiful square, a public reading room and a solution for working meals towards the heart of the city's business district, while in non-working hours it is a stage for everything. The special thing about it is that it can host many different events, from large to small, from quiet to noisy, from indoors to outdoors. Offering multiple stages, it offers total freedom of use. Giving the freedom of the square to people to find their own way to spread their ideas and let free minds collide. With the aim of bringing cultural renewal, vitality and energy back into the heart of the city.


Insta: yeahzi_zeroplustwo
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/z-ye-82083b237/

Zi Ye portrait Zi Ye work image