Carbon Drops

“Material is endless. Take a stone: you can saw it, grind it, drill into it, split it or polish it - it will become a different thing each time. Then take a tiny amount of the same stone, or huge amounts, and it will turn into something else again. Then hold it up to the light - different again. There are a thousand different possibilities in one material alone. This is the kind of work I love, and the longer I do it the more mysterious it seems to become.”

- Peter Zumthor, Atmospheres

This platform is focused on the matter that our interiors are made from. The performance, pragmatic and poetic qualities of materials will be explored to demonstrate how their careful selection and assembly affects the spaces we inhabit. How materials create and communicate the character of a place. How the tangible informs the intangible.

We encourage hands-on making and experimentation, physical exploration of ideas, and direct contact with the world of designers, makers and manufacturers.

This platform asserts that materials offer some of the greatest opportunities for creativity and innovation within interior design, and a deep understanding of materials, craft and technology allows us to deliver those elusive characteristics. Ultimately, it is through the use and manipulation of matter that our designs will be realised.

Ian Hunter