Ian Hunter

“Materials, of themselves, affect us little; it is the way we use them which influences our lives.” 

Epictetus, AD 50-100, Discourses, Book 2, Chapter 5 

This platform is focused on the matter that our interiors are made from and how they are made. The performance, pragmatic and poetic qualities of materials will be explored to understand how the careful assembly of matter affects the spaces we inhabit. How materials enclose, define and delineate space. How they create and communicate 

the character of a place, and by extension the people within. How the tangible informs the intangible. We encourage hands-on making, experimentation and exploration of

ideas and direct contact with the world of design practitioners, makers and manufacturers. 

This platform asserts that materials offer some of the greatest opportunities for creativity and innovation within interior design, and a deep understanding of materials and technology is a vehicle that allows us to deliver those elusive characteristics. It is through the use and manipulation of matter that our design intent will be ultimately realised.