Archive 2020



Interior Display
Robert Storey

This platform uses ‘display’ as a means to construct a spatial narrative, within that space we look to challenge the expected, subverting traditional ideas of display and explore the concept of experience. The Platform questions the tools we use to tell a story and how will they immerse the viewer into a world which is both beautiful and informative?


Experience; an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone or the process of gaining knowledge or skills from doing, seeing or feeling things.

The intention of this platform is to explore how design decisions can explore the clever use of colour, light, texture, smell, sound or journey to elevate the story of a space and enhance the human experience. One of the aims of this Platform is therefore to tell a story with a minimum number of words. This can be achieved through design proposals that are a meaningful response to a given context. The success of this can be tested by the level of understanding the spatial experience manges to convey.

Friends and Partners

Sacha Leong
Mále Uribe Forés