Professor Graeme Brooker
Head of Programme

Stoic. Netflixed. Focussed. Durable. Tenacious. Interiorised. Persistent. Intense. Self-possessed. Determined. Time-challenged. Formidable. Critical. Patient. Resolved. Insistent. Brave. Tireless. Dedicated.  Steadfast. Purposeful. Obstinate. Settled. Stubborn. Diligent. Pushy. Exuberant. Strong. Hopeful. Bellicose. Driven. Protracted. Emotional. Resourceful. Balanced. Steady. Concentrated. Serene. Volatile. Energetic. Reliable. Dependable. Controlled. Even. Confident. Understanding. Calm. Humoured. Self-aware. Poised. Ranting. Cool. Isolated. Remote. Sociable. Dogged. Awkward. Assured. Transported. Certain. Diverted.  Timid. Reassured. Resilient.  Opinionated. Accepting. Caring. Uncomplaining. Accommodating. Frustrated. Composed. Tolerant. Compliant. Assenting. Combative. Excited. Angry. Obsessive. Enthusiastic. Delighted. Amused. Entertained. Bored. Distracted. Inventive. Unprecedented. Creative. Furious. Sad. Happy. Tired. Innovative. Fresh. Sleepy. Asynchronised. Synchronised. Raging. Bewildered. Caffeinated. 

These words represent our declarations and our actions towards our families, to our friends, to our peers, to the college, and to the world. One-hundred words to describe the journey my forty-seven year-two students, the forty-eight in year-one, and the seventeen staff have undertaken since March 2020. I will never forget this group; their responses, their care, their stoicism and their resilience in relation to the times we are passing through. These people are whom I would have chosen to participate in this moment in our lives. Look at the work they have made during this time. It is astonishing.

Programme Description

Interior Design has both a long and short history at the RCA. Sir Hugh Casson established the original programme in 1951. It was retitled ‘Environment Design’ in 1972, and became part of the new programme of ‘Architecture & Interiors’ in 1983. In 2012 the new MA Interior Design programme was launched, I have been the head of Programme since 2015. 

In essence, the programme is designed to engage its participants in exploring emergent ideas and issues concerning distinct aspects of the design of the interior. This incorporates research, practice and making work that explores the diversity of human occupation in numerous environments, extending from the room to the city. The programme encourages the view that the interior is an interface between its occupants and the built environment, and it supports the notion that the interior is an agent for social change. 

The programme values speculation, analysis and rigor with regards to the thinking and making of all aspects of the design of interior environments. It challenges its participants to formulate their own rigorous and critically independent responses to these fundamental concerns. This is often undertaken via the reworking of existing structures, the creation of temporal installations and the formation of permanent interventions. All of these practices involve the construction and communication of particular spatial identities using space, objects and materials. 

Professor Graeme Brooker BA(Hons), MA. PFHEA.

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