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Pascal Anson

This platform is concerned with the way that DESIGN influences our BEHAVIOUR and conversely the way that our behaviour influences design. Observation and analysis will form the starting point where you will begin to ask the question ….”What if?” in order to make innovative connections. In this *parallel universe* that we will start to work in, (where anything can be possible) ideas and concepts come first and are the drivers for your thesis and as such it is unlikely that you will have an existing building as a given. Your ideas should be tested and interrogated during the development stage to understand how your design interventions (3D sketches) can effect change, this is likely to be at real scale initially. A love of making, materials and testing is essential for participants, but not in a crafty way. The relationship between technology and human observation is key but not in an academic or theoretical way. We will work on one brief during the year and your output might be a series rather than a singular entity.


This year participants were invited to explore the idea of intimacy in our world. Work investigated behaviour around intimacy in different contexts including; family, strangers, objects and sex.

Friends and Partners

Emily Campbell
Sacha Leong