Xijin Zeng

Trust and Patience in the Supermarket

Dissertation title
Interpretation of Cinematic Architectural Space

Xijin Zeng – Trust and Patience in the Supermarket My design is a supermarket to satisfy people’s quick pace and changing shopping needs.

Shopping is severely challenged during COVID-19, which greatly affected our behaviour and psychology. My grocery shopping in the supermarket downstairs inspired me. Everyone in the queue was trying to keep 2 meters distance. When the security guard passed by, the woman in front of me asked: “Are there any eggs left?” It’s so crowded and I waited for 15 minutes just to buy a box of eggs. 20 minutes later, I entered the supermarket and continued with the social distance. I was relieved when I stepped out of the supermarket. There was still a long queue…... So I decided to design a supermarket providing safe and enjoyable shopping experience. Since frequent hand washing helps a lot, how do we incorporate this in a daily routine within this context?

Based on my observation and survey, three strong needs of shoppers were identified. Integrating them with overall layout, I created a new shopping journey. Goods were placed in different areas based on their attributes. Colors, lights, sounds etc. are used to guide customers’ shopping, making shopping behaviours simpler, more predictable and more efficient. Spatially, original shopping areas divided essential and staples. Goods were statically or dynamically displayed according to their features. Functionally, hand cleaning was the soul of my design. Different hand cleaning ways are offered before, during and after the shopping.

Supermarkets meet people’s physical and mental needs during quarantine. We may have to live with viruses for a long time, and how to stay connected to others and society is the challenge to embrace. The design responds to the existing social phenomena and provides a possibility for dealing with social distancing in the future retail industry.

Keywords: Trust, patience, communication, hygiene, behaviour
Mediums: animation, portfolio(Including drawing,photograph, text.)

Insta: xijin.zeng
Website: https://www.behance.net/xijinzeng/moodboards