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We Visited Romancetown

Dissertation title
Intersection of stream of consciousness and madness

YYY – We visited Romancetown

Constantly swiping through Tinder? or speed dating to meet your true love? In thistime-poor society, people seek convenient modern solutions to find love, which blurs the stages of dating and makes it become more and more unromantic.

In this project, I have explored the definition of romance in 2020 by focusing on the moment when romance can naturally occur. I divided the dating process into eight different stages: encounter – meeting - first date - first kiss - first sex – breakup - negotiating and marriage. Each of them happen in a specific place and tells a story about certain kinds of couples.

Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, and also romance can be surprising, it can happen in unexpected moments and places, no matter how ordinary the circumstances are. In order to create this romantic feeling around two people, I designed in a subtle and light way, without disturbing the original context. In these eight scenarios, I have modified the existing objects to facilitate a more natural romantic progression. Only slight changes in material, texture, light or distance are made, however the human experience turns out to be totally different.

The design inspiration comes from consent and the behaviours caused by it. Romantic dating doesn’t mean that only romantic things will happen, there are also experiences around consent, together making a relationship fair and complete. Consent is about intimacy, but also negotiation, it requires the participation of two people, both of whom have the same right to decide. In the designs, I have used the behavioural aspect to show my understanding of the word and also explored its possibilities in a romantic setting.

Each of the stories allows people to connect emotionally or even arouse their imagination about the possibilities of romance in 2020.

Keywords: Romance, Intimacy, Distance, Consent, Behaviour
Mediums: Drawing and stories about 8 scenarios

Insta: yanyunyang1215

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