Archive 2021



Professor Graeme Brooker

This platform is concerned with the exploration and adaptation of matter that can  be considered, outdated, redundant or obsolete: material that has lost its value,  resources that are considered waste, stuff that is considered expendable has  been discarded and is considered surplus. These processes of depredation may  have been enacted through economic, value-based processes, or by  extraordinary one-off means. All situations have in common the proposition that  an obsolete environment or element, is not only a site of depredation, it is a  condition for mediation, and the site of the enactment of research and design  processes that will ensure that meaningful change through reuse will take place.  Re:Use participants are obsessed with adapting the unwanted, the discarded and  the no longer fit-for-purpose. They are fascinated with determining new life in  objects and spaces that are often considered to be spoil.