Professor Graeme Brooker
Head of Programme

Start meeting>preferences>backdrop & filters> Earth. 

Start video> unmute> Unlike no other environment the interior has played a central role in your existence this year. I guarantee it. Not just the space surrounding you, in which you are probably reading this, the one you have spent 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours in, but also your internal monologue, the one repeatedly asking you to check in on your family, friends, colleagues and the world.

Breakout room>admit> Interiority has been the focus of all of our existences. This programme and the students work in it reflects this obsession: every project this year, deliberately or not, has filtered and calibrated this situation. 

Participants> 94 students, 13 programme staff, numerous guest reviewers, speakers on inside out, have all asked the same questions you have been thinking of, and have offered amazing insights, advice, their thoughts on this condition. The results of both these external and internal dialogues are in front of you. I cannot stress enough, how students have managed to achieve this, is as a result of their brilliance and their resilience.

Reactions>Raise hand> I, and all of the staff, are humbled and extremely proud to have been on this journey with these students. They are not just an incredibly talented group of people but have met these challenges with a generosity of spirit, understanding and care for each other and for all of us.  It has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding year, one that none of us will ever forget, one which I cannot imagine undertaking with anyone but this incredible group of people. Please enjoy the class of 20-21. 

Stop Video>mute.