Archive 2021



Interior Display
Steve Jensen

From city to object, understanding our place within a context. As technologies advance and our behaviours change the need to re-imagine the high street  becomes imperative. An alternative future of high street and retail environments becomes  less of an option and more an obligation. 

This platform is concerned with transferring meaning within these environments; this is one  of the key aspects of display. High street environments are often centred around where objects are placed; encircled by  elements that suggest context and the physical or virtual framework of meaning.

We will consider how to construct situations in the high street that enable us to provide  context for objects and question their relationship to retail, museum, exhibition or event. 

Exploring site specific locations, unpicking narratives and embracing new media we will  question convention. Investigating how the high street might be stimulated in order to  enable a process. 

Transforming and interpreting spatial, experimental environments that tell stories. We will be particularly interested in the fragile thresholds in between political/personal,  exterior /interior, public/private, analogue/digital, natural/artificial and examine the  framing of objects in spaces and subsequent display.