Rita Louis

Waste House

‘A house is a machine for living in’ was a prominent slogan coined by Le Corbusier in his 1927 manifesto ‘A Vers Une Architecture’. From this point on machines have profoundly impacted architectural discourse ever since the dawn of Modernism. In response to this, and drawing inspiration from Ben Nicholson’s project Appliance House, I propose the Silo, and use this architectural typology as a departure point, envisioning it as a symbol that recalls the aesthetic and ethos of a bygone era.

Waste House is a speculative project centered around domestic waste. It proposes 3 silos: E- Silo, Textile-Silo and Jewelry Silo - each reworking redundant material brought to the site. Acting as an architectural sculpture, the triptych of silos aims to display various housing scenarios that shift like dreamscapes between recalled and future images of the home. Within each silo, exists a peculiar inhabitant, a fictitious character obsessed with collecting retired objects within the city. The character is interested in reconstructing these retired objects to transform the way they are understood and ultimately give them new values.

This project questions our nature of collecting, consumerism and occupancy drawing attention to the huge environmental consequences of discarding everyday domestic objects.

It asks: What is the role of waste in our domestic lives? What are ways you can allow your paradigm to be shifted for the sake of less waste in our world? How can we reconfigure our perception of waste to employ it into the fabric of our future homes?

Rita Louis

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