Hajizadeh Vanda

filter house

Coming from a Persian background, I have a great understanding of how people think about spaces and habitation in various countries with different cultures. Iran is a diverse country that is perpetually trying to strike a balance between tradition and modernity. I enjoy making unusual spaces that respond to life situation issues from a social and cultural perspective. The Re-use Platform has helped me develop the idea of creating gold out of anything. Existing means more than what you see. It is full of meaning, history and philosophy. My design language originated from ‘Nature’, a kind that exists for all of its habitations. Nature has to change during the time parallel with people’s demand. The power is in taking advantage of what is there and using it efficiently.

The Domestic Imaginary is a project which questions ‘what makes a home, ‘HOME’? Home is where people bring their belongings, identities, intimacy and protection to feel safe. Home is not just a physical space but is also something we imagine. We can imagine an unusual place that responds to our current demand of living and condition while keeping the identity of the space that illustrates the spirit of that place. Therefore, home is where we need to relieve ourselves from the external world and leave everything behind to renew ourselves the next day and start fresh. This house aims to appease our feelings and ensure our well being through different layers of frames, formed by functions and makes a boundary for an activity.

Hajizadeh Vanda

Hajizadeh Vanda portrait Hajizadeh Vanda work image