Now that sustainability is at the centre of every RCA Interior Design platform we all have to think differently about how we build. In the past, processes involved in making interiors evolved due to technology, availability, logistics, fashion, economics and culture but now must be re-thought with sustainability in mind at all stages.

Students will emerge as agile design thinkers who will be able to add value to projects by critical process knowledge specifically with interior spaces in mind. This platform is concerned with the way that DESIGN influences the building PROCESS and conversely the way that the processes you develop influence design. In this platform we will completely rethink the processes we employ to build interiors. Once we invent new ways to build, new aesthetics, narratives and opportunities will emerge.

Curiosity, observation and analysis are critical skills which will form the starting point where you will begin to ask the question ….”What if I do this….?” in order to make innovative, sustainable connections between space, material and the construction process.

Pascal Anson