Jiawen Li

The Immerssion Houses

Can a space improve people’s attitude towards a critical topic? 
This project <The Immersion Houses 2020-2050> aims to strengthen people’s understanding of the global sea level rising crisis. 

Since sea level rising crisis is no longer news to us, we always take it for granted when we see the warnings. Based on my daily observations, physical demonstrations are considered a stronger way than those flat two dimensional information. So as an interior designer, I’d like the space to physically demonstrate the upcoming crisis, so that it can talk about the issue by itself, and sea water will be the main character here. 

Our site is a 30m*5.4m square toilet block in Shoreham-by-sea. In the project, to show the difference between the block before and after being eroded, a duplicate version of the toilet block is added nearer the sea to be eroded. This creates a journey of contrasts—— firstly by experiencing a preview of the crisis (in the House-2020) and secondly by witnessing the after-submerged interior (in the House-2050). 

In the aspect of the interior, both houses are converted into an apparent residential dwelling space. Because in the duplicated house, sea damaged domestic elements will create feelings of fear over feelings of familiar. 

Concrete, metal, iron rods and fogged glass are used as main materials. All the domestic elements are cast with concrete, so that they can show how the sea change them gradually without being destroyed immediately just like timber structures. 


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