Yujia He

The village hall

Makeup is a quick, easy and ever-changing process which i am interested in. So my project focuses on answering the question: Can space be as versatile as make up? The answer is the flexibility of space structure and movable module to achieve more versatility and quick change. The project focuses on three objectives. Firstly, fast turn around. Meet the space needs of Shoreham residents. During the epidemic, lovers in many fields such as food, clothing, handicrafts, etc., have reflected the need for "rent-by-the-hour" space, where they can exchange their works and achievements in a comfortable atmosphere without having to undertake monthly Expensive rent or other risks. The second, less materials waste. Movable modules will perform different functions according to different placement methods, and can be repeatedly used. Finally, all the mobile modules can be nested together and stored in a square box to reduce the space occupation. I hope that through my design, I can increase the vitality of this small town and stimulate their creativity and cohesion.


Insta: jasmineee0904

Yujia He portrait Yujia He work image