Yishui Fang (Issey)

Vertical Street-001

Dissertation title
Scale of Periodic Architecture


Please read the following instructions carefully before installing.

This system can be used by a skyscraper designer to introduce urban street life into a high-rise living or work environment. It is recommended for buildings over 20 floors, and is suitable for residents and workers of all ages.

Research and Analysis:
Despite a new generation of high-rise buildings and elevated public spaces appearing in cities, vertical transportation continues to be restricted to elevators and staircases. The Vertical Street-001 aims to save occupiers from queuing and spending time in suffocating lift cabs and monotonous staircases. The system provides a lively street experience at the same time as the functions of transportation and vertical commercial and community life. It takes the horizontal urban public realm into the vertical.

Amenity Unit
Spiral Pavements
Setbacks, Piazzas and Alleys
Light Shaft Core

Functions and Capabilities:
1. Powered by electricity, the system is a non-stop conveyer that transports all kinds of public amenities, such as shops, bars, church and gallery through the building. Moving at a speed of 4 centimetres per second, a complete loop takes 24 hours. Users can step in and out amenity units from a spiral ramp, the Pavement. The units can be rented and renovated, and combined for a larger continuous space.

2. Twin spiral pavements surround the units and connect all the floors from the ground to the top of the high-rise.

3. An outer layer of set-backs is a transition between public and private space — a leisure zone for residents to watch life on the street, or break-out from the private office or residential space.

4. The H-Train hangs beneath the pavement provideing residents with a faster route up the tower.

5. A Light Shaft distributes natural light through the core of the spiral.

Keywords: Public Space, High Street, Skyscraper, Vertical Village

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