Yiqing Miao


Shape2 Re-Make Fashion Workshop

“How to define fashion? ”

The Vision in this project is that re-thinking the public realm in the Beacon shopping center at Eastbourne that can attract more environmentally conscious consumers via a mobile fashion workshop. 
When fast fashion brands become the trendsetter of fashion, how should the youth of today respond. In this era, how do young people show individuality through clothing. We are the ones wearing the clothes, not the clothes that bind us. The concept idea is a mobile workshop and event space based on the Victorian bathing machine and made from unworn, unloved clothing and footwear, will roam the Beacon Shopping centre. Stopping outside the centers main fast fashion retailers the structure will collaborate with these brands to host re-make fashion workshops and events. Visitors will have the opportunity to turn unloved fashion items provided by the stores into new, bold vibrant creations. 

'Please sustain your style'


Insta: yiqing_miaomm
Website: https://miaoyiqing2773.wixsite.com/portfolio
Video: https://youtu.be/E_ld4vT8P2U

Yiqing Miao portrait Yiqing Miao work image