Yingxi Qian

Forgotten Corners

Longer lifespan should be something to celebrate. Instead, we persist in seeing population ageing as a demographic time bomb. In stark contrast to this thinking a new ballroom will be created at the Beacon centre, resurrecting lost social traditions from the past for courting and connecting with others. Music and dance unite people and bind us to memories and our history. Elderly people love to dance a lot, because it reminds them of the good moments of their lives. Inspired by coastal Ballroom interiors, the new space aims to facilitate affection in elderly individuals, allow older people to move freely and dance together with the support required and foster a feeling of youthful independence.


Insta: yingxi_deniz
Video: https://youtu.be/FnkbU3a7rMI

Yingxi Qian portrait Yingxi Qian work image