Ren Yuwei


Life and death are abstract concepts. This project hopes to utilize the psychological theory, Mood-Congruent Effect, to re-understand the relationship between “life and death of happiness” and people’s behavior. Through a journey and a story, and with the sound, space, environment guiding the behaviors, people gradually change their emotions and experience.

Dungeness’s lack of infrastructure and job opportunities drive locals away from it, but this lonely atmosphere also attracts people who pursue a certain lifestyle to take a holiday here. Since it is impossible to save the population of Dungeness in the short term, it is better to develop this atmosphere into a special experience to attract more people to stay in this place.

Melancholy. This emotion with lots of sadness and a little joy can cure negativity. Like some sad songs we listen to and sad films we love to watch. I want to produce melancholy in Dungeness from the acceptance and relief of the negative. And I will kill people’s happy expectation of traditional seaside atmosphere with the desolate.

Think about it, are you really happy when they say cheer up?

Ren Yuwei

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