Yuerong Wang

"Homesickness" in modern China

"A house provides protection, but to be a home there must also be an emotional pull". A home is a shelter for crystallised memories, full of personal meaning. The memory of home becomes emotionally volatile because of the house, its family members and objects. This proposal starts with myself, from Shanxi to Shanghai and then from Shanghai to London, where the memory of home changes with the passage of places, events and time.... The result is an exhibition that inspires viewers to recall their own family stories by showing how 20th century Chinese family life changes memories both indoors and outdoors at home with events in different times and spaces, allowing them to become an immersive participant in the whole exhibition and imagine being part of that family life rather than a spectator.


Insta: yuerong_ww
Website: https://wyr1909.wixsite.com/portfolio
Video: https://vimeo.com/user143221797

Yuerong Wang portrait Yuerong Wang work image