Archive 2021

Weronika Walasz

The project - placed on the process of time, decay, collapse, death and life - explores the relationship between humans and everyday materials. The research focuses on physical experimentation to investigate material properties, lifespan, and decomposing qualities.

The exploration started from a fascination with aging materials and their forms of deterioration. The main focus of the early research comes from both criticism of the common desire for novelty in design and an appreciation towards changing, growing, decaying and deteriorating materials. The project is focussed on materials that are durable yet impermanent, those that evolve to provide memorisation and the capacity for storytelling.

The design proposal located in Grain Fort Battery derives from the material investigation. The material usage focus on building a continuation between new and former residents. It allows for creating marks, signs, traces, and bruises. The new infrastructure merges episodes of temporary inhabitation creating a growing collective memory, gathering layers of inhabitation, overlapping events and stories. The proposed structure creates a sensation of existing in two realities: present existence in the retreat and Gilles Deleuze’s idea of virtual reality coming from conscious or subconscious acts of encoding the past. The space acts as a storage medium providing abstract evidence of the past which comes alive with every individual finding sense and meaning to it by understanding, imagining, and enriching the past.

Weronika Walasz

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