Saade Paola

Isolation has become the new normal.

We instinctively, and were asked to, withdraw into some kind of bubble, both literally and metaphorically.

I’m interested in looking at how we could look inside this bubble and redesign the experience to be beneficial to our physical and psychological health.

Our energy, how do we spend it?... and how do we create it? Why do we spend it that way? How could our body and mind react in a more positive way no matter what situation we find ourselves in? How could spatial design address this to improve it?

Researchers suggest that syncing our daily schedules to our biological clocks is one input that would create positive consequences.

Another solution looks to meaningful connection with others – a sense of community.

What I am proposing is a program that integrates these concepts.

A group program that follows the optimal circadian rhythm cycle, where we would be immersed in a multi-sensory journey as we are recalibrated to our biological rhythm; The Experimental Circadian Hotel.

Saade Paola

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