Qian Cao

Vertical toy museum

"Play" is our innate instinct. Toys, as the carrier of "play", accompany us to grow up, and help us perceive the world, think, and generate interests and hobbies in the process of play. There are profound social meanings behind toys, but they also contain the purest and most primitive fun, so I designed this vertical museum about toys.
The building acts like a toy box, but also acts as a playable contraption in itself.
The main audience of the exhibition is the family group, and the two audience groups of children and parents with a larger age range visit together. In this building, I set up four exhibition halls with different toy themes vertically, likening them to kingdoms and giving them playful names. I designed the exhibition hall to be more immersive, allowing "toys" and "play" to be reflected in the exhibition hall at the same time, making it an exhibition with more vitality and game experience, rather than a simple space container for display. For the audience group of children, compared to passively watching the exhibition, this makes it easier for them to use their imagination, engage in and participate in the exhibition, and interact with the space and content.
For those adults or young people, I hope my exhibition can arouse their enjoyment of "playing", temporarily escape from the world full of rules and constraints, and fiddle with interesting interactive devices according to their playful instincts. The four exhibition halls are also arranged vertically according to the time logic, which also implies that the roles and functions played by toys have changed with age, triggering people to have a deeper understanding of childhood, time and growth.


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Video: https://youtu.be/ZicYkNX3n7Q

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