Liming Huang

The epidemic severely challenged our balance between digital life and physical life. When the epidemic is over, will we return to the previous balance between digital and physical? I assume that people might appropriately expand the proportion of digital in their life since the digital platforms have been upgraded while the physical haven’t. Therefore, what self-reflection and suggestion will the physical environment carry out? How can we spatial designers intervene to help the physical recovery?

In this project, I was looking at how to reactivate/reuse the general office tower in the post-covid context and how spatial design can intervene to promote wellbeing and encourage human flourishing. My working method is to first research well-being based on the psychological construct ‘Environmental Enrichment’ and then apply the research results into practice.

The project, ‘EE-scape’ is a science-inspired urban landscape that is parasitic in the existing building and consists of a relaxation zone and an energy zone that provides workers and nearby residents with additional spaces to meet, take a brief rest from the digital-dominant life and embrace the recovery of physical experience.

Liming Huang

Liming Huang portrait Liming Huang work image