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Lan Li

A Dental Practice for the NHS

Dissertation title
Reuse Abandoned Buildings: Property Reuse, an Overview of the Status Quo of Reuse Buildings and Case Study

In response to substantial residential development in the area this project proposes a much needed social infrastructure in the form of a National Health Service dental practice within the east set of railway arches at Valentia Place, Brixton.

This interior proposal’s main objectives are to address issues that are often to be found in NHS dental practices including; poor circulation / spatial adjacencies, rather cluttered environments and an institutional ambience. When brought together these things do little to put patients at ease in a place where people are often anxious. In response to this the interior aims to create an environment that is systematic, clean and tidy whilst also providing comfort and warmth for the user. To achieve this the existing arch has been given a clean white lining before a beautifully crafted timber interior has been installed within the double height volume. Ash, American oak, teak and dark walnut timbers are used to create a quality interior in which both the smell and acoustic quality of the wood will delight the senses and help instill a feeling of calm on the building’s users. Vertical timber louvers help to introduce, control and modulate natural light to further enhance a feeling of wellbeing within the space. A clean modern aesthetic contributes to establishing an interior that is efficient and organised but also accessible and friendly.


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