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Healing Hotel

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Why Chinese Customers Buy Luxury Goods Produced In China

Our Circadian rhythms synchronise with the physical environment over a 24-hour period. They are influenced by social and work schedules and by various photic and nonphotic stimuli. When misalignment occurs (jet lag, shift work, “out of synch”) a diagnosis of CRSD- Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder can be made after extensive testing and recording of sleep patterns. CRSD can lead to cognitive impairment, mood disturbances, and increased risk of cardiometabolic disorders.

The Healing Hotel is designed as a treatment centre for CRSD. The project imagines a near future when apps such as Apple’s “healthcare” have been developed to read local Circadian settings together with the individual’s 24-hour cycle. Notifications for misalignment and proposed “entrainment” or healing treatments will be sent to the subscriber who can then be referred to the Hotel.

The Hotel is located under the Smithfield Rotunda Garden in Clerkenwell. The area has a history in clock and watch making and the site itself is circular in plan. This heritage and site-form create an historical and geometrical resonance with the purpose of the Hotel. A ramp gently circles down from the Garden level to access the Hotel accommodation located on two levels that have been excavated beneath the Garden.

As re-connection to natural rhythms is at the heart of the project the hotel accommodation is arranged around the roots of the mature trees of the Rotunda Garden. Arrangement of accommodation around the roots is then prioritised by need for views to the sky and views to nature. The “day” spaces, where there is more and “night” spaces where there is less allowing modulated spectrum exposure via artificial light programming.

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