Hui-Chen Weng

Red Green Optical

It is unusual for us to experience spaces that employ a singular bold colour in a playful theatrical manner. The inspiration for this project is the red-green duochrome optical test that is used to determine the patient’s strongest eye. Investigations into colour theory led to Johannes Itten’s work regarding the simultaneous contrast of complimentary colours where red and green have an equal ‘50/50’ relationship. The site comprised of two equal and adjacent railway arches that also had a ‘50/50’ relationship and the opportunity to create a rather surreal pair of singular monochromatic spaces presented itself. To realise this aim a symmetrical scheme organised around the central axis between the two arches has been created. As customers journey from the ground floor entrance to the basement showroom and consultation spaces a carefully crafted composition of vertical planes of various heights conceal and then reveal vistas and views to manipulate the user’s sight lines and focus as they circulate through the space. Early experiments developing structures to display spectacles led to the creation of a modular display system that can be adapted to be either wall or handrail mounted. Using this system identically coloured frames are displayed against contrasting red and green backgrounds that test the customer’s visual perception.


Insta: huichen1231

Hui-Chen Weng portrait Hui-Chen Weng work image